Presentation to local teams and military charities

On Sunday 24th October 2015 at the Peebles Ex-Servicemen’s Club, a presentation took place to express gratitude to some of the local supporters, whom we hadn’t had the chance to thank formally, for the help and contribution they made to a fantastic Memorial Tournament and Family Fun Day on the 30th May 2015.

The event was a huge success due to the support, help and love of the local people who turned out in abundance.

2015 Fundraising Totals

An amazing £10,155 was raised for the Alec Lucas Memorial Trust, which brings the total after 7 years to £115,731.00!!


Presentations made to Tweeddale Sports Teams and Military Charities

In line with the aspirations of the fund raising Committee and our Charitable Purpose, £8,000 was distributed. £6,500 went to local teams and £1,500 to Military Charities as follows –

Peebles Youth Teams –  £2,500.00. (Total £20,000 to youth teams in Peebles)
Leithen Vale Sports Club –  £500
Tweeddale Rovers –  £500.00
Peebles Rovers –  £500.00
Over 60’s Peebles team –  £200.00
Leithen Rovers –  £500.00
Vale of Leithen –  £500.00
Peebles AMS –  £500.00
Linton Hotspurs –  £500.00
CG Sporting Enterprise, to start Young Girls team –  £300.00
Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF) –  £500.00
Woodland Garden (for Royal Marines and Families, Arbroath) –  £500.00
Horseback UK  –  £500.00

Total £8,000.00

Representatives from all recipients were in attendance to receive their donations.

Our 2016 Event

The family and organising committee, would like to thank everyone for their help and generosity. Next year’s Memorial Tournament and Family Fun Day, will take place on Saturday 28th, May 2016 at Whitestone Park in Peebles.