Steve’s marathon fundraiser – 30 October 2021

Let me introduce you to Steve Murray (Scouse) who moved to Peebles over 20 years ago with his family who all settled into the local community perfectly.  Both Steve and his father Big Steve (Scouse) are local legends renowned for their great sense of humour, fun-loving lifestyle, and genuine kindness.  

Tragically, Big Steve passed away on 30 October 2011. This year, 10 years to the day of his dad’s tragic death, Scouse and a few of his friends will be running a marathon in and around Peebles to raise money for us.  

Steve and his family have away been great supporters of the Alec Lucas Memorial Fund and our tournament from the very beginning and we are exceptionally proud that he has chosen us to support once again.

Steve grew up next door to Alec and his family.  In his own words, he explains why we are so lucky that he chosen us to support:  

“After deciding to run the marathon, the choice of charity was an easy one, The Alec Lucas Memorial Trust.  The Lucas family were our neighbours in Whitehaugh Park, I have known them since moving to Peebles from Liverpool in 2000.  Alec was our first babysitter and we’d have him playing football in the garden for hours while my Mum and Dad were at Franco’s for a meal.  My Dad was very fond of Alec, having gotten to know him better through drinking in the Crown, and I know he would be fully behind this choice of charity. 

When I first started drinking in the pubs, Alec always made a point of coming over for a chat, checking I was alright, and buying me a bevy. He didn’t have to do that, but it was reassuring to know you had an ally in the pub when you didn’t know many people. 

Raising money for his charity is an honour and I hope we can do him and my Dad proud on the day.”

If you can support Steve you can make your donation through his Virgin Money fundraising page.

All funds raised will be distributed in line with our charities key commitments – to support Royal Marines and their families in need through The Royal Marines Charity and local sports charities.