Dedication of Community Noticeboard, Brixington

A small presentation and memorial service was held on Saturday 21st March at Brixington Parade to mark the erection and dedication of a community noticeboard to Royal Marine Alexander Lucas.

Order of Service

The noticeboard was handmade by the Royal Marines Assault Engineer branch who were assisting Brixington Improvement Group (BiG) as part of a CTCRM community engagement programme.

BiG suggested that the noticeboard would be a fitting memorial to Royal Marine Alec Lucas who had been trained at CTCRM.

The memorial service was conducted by the Reverend Paul Andrew, chaplain Royal Navy, and attended by Colonel K Oliver, Cpl Bugler from the Plymouth Band and Councillor Maddie Chapman. Members of BiG, Exmouth Royal Marine’s Association and David Calland, representing the Brixington Parade shops, were also at the service.

A donation of £280 from the Exmouth RMA, Budgens and Bladze, was gratefully received by the Alec Lucas Memorial Trust.